Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum

The Laikipia Wildlife Forum is a dynamic, membership led conservation organisation supporting, coordinating and facilitating pan-Laikipia conservation and natural resource management. It provides a platform for dialogue for a cross section of land owners and land users including local community groups, private ranchers, pastoralists, small scale farmers and tourism ventures. In accordance with its strategic plan 2010 – 2015, the LWF engaged PSRM Consultants to carry out a transparent and objective customer satisfaction survey to determine the LWF’s execution of its mandate and to determine levels of customer satisfaction.The survey was carried out in representative sampled areas of all LWF's programmes work coverage. The survey covered members of the public and stakeholders of the LWF such tourism facilities and operators, schools, Resource users (CFA, WRUAs, etc.), Government Ministries and Agencies like WRMA, KFS, KWS, and LWF members of staff among others.

The main objective of the survey was to assess the LWF’s customers’ perception of the level and quality of service delivery and whether their service expectations are being met by LWF. Specifically, the survey:

Determined the quality of service delivery as perceived by LWF customers;· Developed a composite measure of customer satisfaction and use it to determine the overall rating of the current level of satisfaction;· Established the extent, to which LWF is adhering to its strategic plan;· Identified gaps in service delivery;· Identified the sources and frequency of customer complaints in regard to service delivery;· Identified channels through which the LWF stakeholders communicate their needs to LWF and establish the effectiveness of these communication channels· Analyzed the factors influencing customer satisfaction at LWF· Determined the impact of LWF communications programme on service delivery;· Established the effectiveness of dispute resolution and the current mechanism of addressing customers’ complaints;· Determined the level of professionalism, integrity, and fairness being espoused by LWF staff in the course of their work;· Proposed Service Improvement Measures; and· Prepared and delivered a comprehensive report detailing the methodology, findings & recommendations.