Reviews & Audits

Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum

LWF engaged PSRM Consultants to carry out a transparent and objective customer satisfaction survey to determine the LWF’s execution of its mandate and to determine levels of customer satisfaction.

Mid Term Evaluation of the Solar Energy for Rural Kenya Project (WE!Hubs)

The project was initiated to provide affordable and environmental friendly off grid energy, clean water for consumption and access to the internet through solar operated cyber cafe in the rural areas.

EIA/EA & OHS of Laptrust Properties

An audit of property, environment, health & safety, building codes & municipal (local authority) by-laws and statutory requirements and other areas of compliance was undertaken on all the Laptrust Defined Benefits (LDB) scheme’s properties in Kenya.

Evaluation of Economic Stimulus Programmes

This was a socio – economic evaluation conducted on 63 projects funded under the Economic Stimulus Programme in the 32 constituencies of the Coast and North Eastern Regions.